About Jackson Turner

Jackson Turner aka Heretic is a hip-hop artist from NYC. He has been rhyming and performing since he was 15 years old. He has worked with artists such as Lisa Rowe, The Shaggers and the Boston hip-hop duo Natural Born Spitters (NBS). He has appeared in various magazines such as I Am Hip-Hop Magazine (London).

Jackson released his first solo album “Long Time Coming” in 2013, collaborating with producers Soulspeak, Jewell Fortenberry and TB-Ray. The album focused on Jackson’s experiences growing up in NYC and the world views he developed as a result of these experiences. It was titled “Long Time Coming” because it was a culmination of almost ten years of musical and artistic development.

Jackson released two music videos for this album, all in collaboration with Sbazzo and Mage Productions. The videos have been quite successful on-line.

In 2015, he released a second album titled “The Foundation EP”. For this project Jackson again collaborated with Jewell Fortenberry and Soulspeak, as well as having features from the German artist Lisa Rowe and French reggae singer General Huge. The album reached as high as number 4 on the national hip-hop charts for CMJ radio in the US; and number 2 for the national hip-hop charts for !Earshot radio in Canada. The video with Lisa Rowe, “New Beginnings” received much attention in the US, appearing across the country on Bongo Boy TV and Indimusic TV.

Jackson has performed both in and outside the United States, including performances in South Africa (Capetown, Grahamstown). China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong) and Japan (Tokyo, Sapporo).